Velocity Fitness

Galway's Premier Training Facility

Group Training

Velocitys Group Training system are for adults who are looking to invest in their physical and mental well-being, while helping them to move better, and become fitter and stronger. Social Distancing with 12 People Max. Find out more below:

Personal Training

Are you looking for a personalised online training programme that is 100% adaptable and convenient to your personal lifestyle, job, training level, health condition and goals?
Get in touch below:

Youth S&C

Strength & Conditioning for Youths that will help to build a foundation for knowledge, improving skills, preventing future injury and quickly enhancing overall fitness. Start your journey - there is no time like the present!

Why Velocity Fitness?

Suitable for Beginners
Scientific Approach
Professional Trainers
Proven Results
Personal Guidance
Flexible Schedule

Our Team

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Owner & Coach

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