Bio Signature Modulation

BioSignature brings together functional medicine and exercise science.

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Over 70% of weight loss comes from having a proper nutrition program. Because we know this is such an important part of our clients success, we offer a variety of diet programs and products that help our clients reach their goals.


What is Bio Signature?

BioSignature brings together functional medicine and exercise science to create a revolutionary new method for achieving fat loss, muscle gain and optimal health. The most successful Strength Coach in the world, Charles Poliquin, developed the BioSignature system. It is a system based on scientific research that examines the way the body stores fat as an indication of the individual’s hormonal profile. This is calculated through a unique twelve-site body composition analysis.

What does BioSignature involve?

BioSignature is a system based on scientific evidence that shows that an individual’s hormonal profile can be determined by the location of body fat stores. There are twelve BioSignature sites in total, with each one being a hormonal marker for what is occurring internally. This means that your body fat levels and any corresponding imbalanced hormones can be effectively managed through a combination of diet, exercise, a targeted supplementation program and lifestyle modifications

By following your plan, you will emerge leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic.


We have a wide range of health and sports supplements to meet your nutritions needs such as Poliquin & Flexi Nutrition.

The Poliquin line features a variety of high-quality supplements including vitamins, minerals, workout and performance products, and other unique, targeted blends to support health and wellness. The products are formulated based on scientific research, and only the finest and most beneficial ingredients are selected.

They take quality very seriously, and always meet or exceed the FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) which ensure the quality, purity, and authenticity of dietary supplements.

The goal of the Poliquin line is to provide an array of nutritional options that provide support for the body’s systems and natural processes that promote good health.


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