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Join us on our mission to take your fitness to the next level. Our Group Training System is for male and female who want to Supercharge their Metabolism & turn their bodies into Fat Burning Machines! Every session is delivered by one of our expert coaches, who have devised workouts that will accelerate you towards the RESULTS you desire.

Velocitys GTS are workouts which push you mentally and physically leaving you feeling empowered and strong. Classes incorporate a different aspect of fitness including Weight Training with barbells, dumbbells & kettlebells and Interval Training using sleds, rower, boxing etc.
Our aim is to drive you to your individual limits no matter what your age, sex, size or current fitness level, we give you the opportunity to become leaner, healthier & stronger in enjoyable friendly atmosphere. Our Group Training is like no other exercise classes out there.
Benefits will include:
• Extreme fat loss
• Gains in strength and stamina
• Increase lean muscle mass
• Improvement in the range of motion
• Build confidence and improve your overall well-being

All classes can be Booked Online. New members and beginners may need to attend our induction class or organise a consultation with one of our trainers.

Strength & Conditioning
If you are looking for a challenging workout with plenty of variety, demanding exercises and a great feeling of accomplishment then this class is for you. We combine traditional and basic strength and conditioning exercises with some challenging metabolic conditioning into one workout. This will cause a much greater weight & fat loss effect than any traditional classes . Ideal starting point for anyone who is new to our system.

Strength  Training                                                                                                                                                        
Beyond just feeling and looking great, strength training has many benefits that will help your body over the course of your lifetime. It can increase lean mass, improve strength and can prevent injury. We use a range of strength exercises such as deadlifts, squats, presses & chins ups and put them into one full body powerful workout. We also incorporate training phases to reduce the risk of over-training by managing factors such as load, intensity, and recovery. Advanced Strength Training will suit anyone with over 6 months weight training experience.

Conditioning                                                                                                                                                                                        We incorporate different types of conditioning workouts such as  High Intensity Intervals with a moderate to long recovery, Complex Training and Modified Strongman Training. Conditioning training is proven to lower your body fat composition, improve fitness & sports performance, and creates a massive after-burn effect, essentially burns ‘extra’ calories for hours after training.

Mobility & Movement
Learn how to take care of your body and prepare it for the stress placed on it during workouts. This class will teach you how to use certain tools to improve the movement, techniques and will help to decrease injury.
Induction Classes is for anyone who is new to our GTS. We will explain our class format, demonstrate techniques and you will take part in small workout. We will leave time at the end to answer any questions you may have. You must attend an induction before joining any other class

Also ‘Newbies’ first class is FREE so come along to any session and you will not be disappointed

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Contact us for further details or to join a Group Training class.

Tel: (087) 4424545 or (093) 60644
Email: info@velocityfitness.ie

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