Personal Training

Want to train alongside a qualified professional?

Here's some information on why you might join...

Velocity Fitness is a stand out option if you are looking to maximize your training experience. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, are seeking closer attention with your training or want the accountability that comes with Personal Training then we can help you to achieve your goals. Our coaches have a wide range of experience and qualifications for a variety of targets including increasing strength, improve conditioning, mobility & flexibility and fat loss. We provide the expertise and close attention through a tailored program with individualized coaching.

At Velocity, our approach is professional and based on science and analytics. All personal training clients receive a consultation and use of the InBody Body Composition Device. This helps to measure lean segmental body fat, lean mass, water weight, fat and lean mass distribution, basal metabolic rate and much more.  From there we we can design a program with the client based on real analytics!

A lot of the time people associate Personal Training with 1-1 sessions - this is not always the case. Velocity Fitness offers the option to train in small groups. It's quite common for people to enjoy having a training partner and often this creates a motivating environment for those involved. Small groups allow for individualized attention from your Personal Trainer while you achieve your objectives alongside like-minded friends!

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