Anne Marie Creaven

By wwm | In | on June 13, 2014

I was one of the first clients to join Velocity when it first opened in 2011. Initially I joined because I was very overweight and this was impacting my enjoyment of life. I was tired all the time, my joints ached, I found any exercise tortuous.
Under Mike’s direction, I have lost over 4 stones, increased my level of fitness and now have some understanding of how my diet is affecting my weight. Incredibly just making a few adjustments has allowed the weight to drop.
Mike’s classes are different every day. I never know what I will be doing and this dynamism keeps the classes fresh and interesting. Each activity is presented at different levels of ability so a beginner or someone with mobility or health issues can partake as fully as someone at the peak of fitness.
Mike also runs diet and health workshops. These workshops helped me to understand the impact my diet has on my hormones and how my hormones affect my overall sense of wellbeing. Although this is an extremely complex subject, Mike can break it down into understandable chunks and relate it to helpful advice as to what foods I need to avoid or limit and what foods I can enjoy without concern. I was very surprised to find out some of my choices which I had considered as healthy were actually not and some foods I had been avoiding were rather good for me.

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